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Our Traditional Values are under Attack.  We’re losing our Freedoms.  State government is piling taxes on the back of working families, paying hundreds of millions of dollars to private consultants, and making  large handouts to huge corporations.


It is time to take on the special interests. It is time to defend our values, stand up for our freedom, cut taxes, fight for jobs-- and go to work for the working families of Louisiana.

Traditional Values

Our Traditional Values and Freedoms are under Attack every day. I have fought to defend our Traditional Values and Freedoms. I am Pro Life. I am Pro Second Amendment.  I stand with the Community of Faith.  I will fight to protect the Expression of our Faith, under the First Amendment.











government and cut taxes, we will create jobs and promote economic growth for all of us.


Family Farms & Ranches

I grew up working on cattle ranches, and I absolutely support preserving the family farm, supporting Agriculture and Aquaculture in Louisiana, and honoring the families that help feed Louisiana, America and the world.


Pulling the Plug on Common Core

In the 1670s, the New England Primer taught American students the Core values of Patriotism, Loyalty, Honor, Morality and Christianity.  325 years later, the bureaucrats pushing Common Core are trying to replace those Core American Values with agnosticism, socialism and moral relativism.


Common Core is a convoluted curriculum that doesn’t work. It burdens teachers, it discourages students, it angers parents and it is our children that suffer.


We don’t need Washington to tell us how to  educate our children. It’s time to fight for the values our children are taught. We need Common Sense and Core Values— not Common Core. It’s time to pull the plug on Common Core. I've been fighting down in Baton Rouge to do just that.


Fighting for Small Business

Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy, the lifeblood of our community, the realization of the American dream. Small Businesses generate jobs and create opportunities. They pick up the tab for everybody in billions of dollars of taxes to local, state, and federal government, education, roads, and hospitals. So they deserve a fair shake. 


I am an advocate for Small Business. Everybody says they're for Small Businesses. Sometimes it seems like nobody does anything to help them.


That's why, as your next State Senator, I will fight to reduce government, cut taxes, get rid of unnecessary red tape, end the policies that send our jobs overseas and across our borders, and stop the state's handouts of billions of taxpayer dollars to large out-of-state corporations. We need the government off our backs and out of our back pockets.


Community Schools

Community Schools are the heart and soul of our communities— a place where students, parents and grandparents are all involved. This family involvement is critical to the health of our children and our communities. More busing is not the answer. Let’s save our Community Schools.


School Safety

Incidents of bullying and teenage suicides are on the rise. It is more important than ever to confront school violence. Every child has the right to pursue their education in a safe environment. The dreams of the 97% of children who want to learn, should not be endangered by the 3% who don’t. Administrators should back—not undermine— discipline by teachers, to keep our children safe. It’s past time to get back to Discipline, Respect and Values.


Protect Landowners' Rights

Protect Landowners' Rights under oil and natural gas leases. Oil and natural gas companies should not be allowed to take advantage of Louisiana Landowners in the field, in the court-- or in the legislature.


Stop Liquor Sales Across from North DeSoto

I am against the operation of a liquor store across the Highway from North DeSoto School.

Jobs & Growth

We must stop giving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to private consultants. We must reduce the size of state government. We must end government handouts to huge corporations.  And we must cut taxes. 

When we reduce the size of

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