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         State Senator John Milkovich has received a series of Awards for his legislative work over the last three and one-half years.

         Senator Milkovich has received the Outstanding Family Advocate Award from the Louisiana Family Forum for a 100% Pro-Family Voting Record,  every year that he has served in the Legislature, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. 

        Senator Milkovich also received the Life and Liberty Award from the Louisiana Family Forum for authoring and helping pass “key legislation that promotes life and liberty,” every year that he has been in the Legislature, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Senator Milkovich received the Life and  Liberty Award from Louisiana Family Forum in 2017, for introducing and helping pass SB 128,  which prohibited cutting up the body parts of aborted babies for sale.  Senator Milkovich received the Life and Liberty Award from Louisiana Family Forum in 2018, for introducing and helping pass SB 181, which banned abortions after 15 weeks, and which at the time was one of the strongest Anti-Abortion Laws in America.  Senator Milkovich received the Life and Liberty Award from Louisiana Family Forum in 2019, for introducing and helping pass SB 184, The Fetal Heart Beat Bill, which banned abortions after a heart beat is  medically detected in an infant. The Fetal Heart Beat Bill became one of the strongest Pro Life measures in America. 

         Senator Milkovich was awarded the Profiles in Courage Award in 2018 after introducing legislation which supported the right of seniors to live in their own homes, rather than Nursing Homes.  The Supported Living Network recognized Senator Milkovich in this Award “for standing with Seniors and People with Disabilities in the face of powerful special interests to support lives of freedom and dignity in their homes and communities.” 

         Senator Milkovich was awarded the Wall of Excellence Award by Sound Off Louisiana, for being one of five Senators who voted against every Sales Tax Proposal in the 2018 Legislative Sessions, and for his work in cutting unnecessary expenditures from the State Budget.  Thus, Sound Off Louisiana recognized Senator Milkovich for:

1. "being one of only five State Senators who voted 'no' every single time regarding the sales tax renewal last year [2018]."

2. "proposing a series of highly-specific cuts on the floor of the Louisiana Senate. Despite each measure being defeated, [Senator Milkovich] demonstrated that [he] could find and identify in a very public manner specific areas where Louisiana taxpayers could benefit from reducing state expenditures."

         Sound Off Louisiana has also profiled State Senator John Milkovich on its Wall of Excellence for his work in taking on corruption, cronyism and abuse in Louisiana's licensing boards. Specifically, Sound Off Louisiana recognized Senator Milkovich for his "tireless efforts to reform the abuses present in Louisiana's occupational licensing practices. [His] efforts entailing the Dental Board and Medical Board have been nothing short of incredible. . . . . I was thrilled the measure [SB 260] passed and hope it can be strengthened even further by a measure such as the licensee "Bill of Rights" you proposed this year [2019]. I've seen too many licensees . . . be harassed beyond anything I could ever possibly imagine by occupational licensing boards and commissions which are nothing more in many instances than bodies of political cronyism.”

         Senator Milkovich was awarded the Badge of Honor Award by the Constitutional Alliance in 2019, for his work in defending personal rights, freedoms and privacy, and for his efforts to stop Big Government, foreign corporations, and national “data banks”  from storing private data and biometric facial images of law abiding citizens. In awarding Senator Milkovich the Badge of Honor, the Constitutional Alliance noted that “A Badge of Honor award is a non-partisan award given to a state legislator who has demonstrated an ongoing effort to protect the Fourth Amendment rights of citizens.”


          “State Senator Milkovich engaged the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles on numerous occasions to protect the Personal  Identifiable Information, including biometrics of not only own constituents, but also all Louisianans whose data is contained in the Office of Motor Vehicle database.”


         The Concerned Women for America of Louisiana awarded Senator Milkovich the 2019 Leadership Award “for exceptional legislative support for the core issues of Concerned Women for America.” The Core Issues of the Concerned Women for America are Sanctity of Life, Defense of Family, Education, Religious Liberty, National Sovereignty, Fighting Sexual Exploitation, Support for Israel.  


          BRF (Building our Region’s Future) and University Health recognized Senator Milkovich for his work to preserve the University Health Hospital (formerly LSU-Medical Center)  in Shreveport. As the BRF stated in a September 30, 2018 Press Release, “We also thank Sen. John Milkovich . . . for [his] willingness to go against the status quo to advocate for and protect University Health in Shreveport.”


         FRC Action PAC, the Action Arm of the Family Research Council, endorsed Senator Milkovich for reelection to the Louisiana Senate, on July 25, 2019.   The Family Research Council is headed by its President, Tony Perkins, a former two-term Louisiana State Representative from the Baton Rouge area, who stepped down from legislative service after two terms, to honor a promise he made to  his constituents.


         In its endorsement letter,  the FRC Action PAC stated to Senator Milkovich,

       “Your principled stand in the state senate for fundamental American freedoms is compelling. Your defense of the unborn and authorship of Louisiana’s 'Fetal Heartbeat' bill is particularly noteworthy in an age where extremism prevails among abortion rights advocates. Your commitment to defending natural marriage and protecting the rights of Louisianans to express their faith gives us confidence that you will continue to serve your district well.

       “We are encouraged by your extensive work to eliminate the misguided educational experiment of Common Core and your resolve to push back against the educational lobby’s efforts to undermine parental authority in the development of their children. You understand Common Core is a deeply flawed system that has already set students back, and you are fighting to secure the future of Louisiana’s next generation through its elimination. You have also fought to prevent small businesses, working families, and senior citizens from bearing unfair tax burdens.

        “You have devoted countless hours to pro bono legal work as a litigator and have shown a willingness to stand up to Big Business when it puts profits over principle. Your professional experience is proof positive of your ability and willingness to tirelessly advocate for causes that are best for your constituents, no matter the odds.

         “Based on our discussion, as well as interaction with you on key issues, evaluating your legislative record, and speaking with those who know you, FRC Action PAC is confident that you will be a principled advocate for constitutionally limited government, individual liberties, and strong family values. We are pleased to offer our endorsement of your candidacy for re-election to the Louisiana State Senate . . . .”

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