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--John Milkovich Shreveport Times

June 8, 2014


"Common Core can't treat the ills of American education. It never diagnosed the problem in the first place."

         --Kerry M. Kirspel 

           The Inquisitor

           June 26, 2015


"What prompted him to run for the position? 'We think it’s time that the working families of Senate District 38 have a voice,' he said. "

New candidate in Senate 38

--Lou Gehrig Burnett

 Fax-Net Update

June 23, 2015


Milkovich: "Fear divides us. But our Faith unites us. Faith is what we fight with. Together we can do better."

--John Milkovich 

Shreveport Times

April 23, 2014


"Instead of buying $108 million of bricks and computers, the Caddo system should address the real problem. Instill discipline, respect, and values."

Reception at Ernest's Orleans Restaurant

September 21, 2015

--John Milkovich 

Shreveport Times

April 8, 2014


"Mr. Hardison, has been an advocate for students, a friend of parents, an inspiration to teachers, an example to the school system, a community leader for over 30 years. What the school district must not overlook, is the connection between Albert Hardison's values and vision on the one hand--and his educational achievements and accomplishments on the other."

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June 23, 2015



"Milkovich says he's running on 'Bible principles' and the 'United States Constitution.'"

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