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April 7, 2017

NBC 6:

Milkovich holds Town Hall before Legislative Session

September 2, 2016

Louisiana Family Forum:

Milkovich to Receive Awards from Louisiana Family Forum at the 2016 Annual Legislative Awards Gala. Read the Press Release.

May 12, 2016

New Orleans ADVOCATE:

High School Sex Survey Bill killed in Senate Committee

May 4, 2016

Baton Rouge ADVOCATE:

Milkovich Bill to allow Louisiana legislative sessions to open with public prayer breezes through Senate

May 19, 2016

Milkovich votes against bill that would allow some police body camera footage to be exempted from public record

March 8, 2016


Sen. Milkovich takes on Common Core

March 19, 2016


Milkovich proposes Anti-Common Core legislation

April 18, 2016

Baton Rouge ADVOCATE:

Milkovich votes to allow the sale of raw milk in Louisiana

December 3, 2015


Political Upset Expanded

November 21, 2015


Milkovich wins Senate District 38

Sen. Milkovich's Legislative Website

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We Fought Abortion,

Worked to Cut Government Spending & Taxes,

& Labored to Bring Discipline, Respect & Values Back to Our Schools– and to Our Communities


State Senator John Milkovich:  “We did what we said we would do.”

"Senate District 38 is one of the strongest Faith districts in America.  The people here are united by their values:  Faith, Family and Hard Work.  Through the help of God, and because of the unity of the people of this District, We did what we said we would do. We made a difference in Louisiana.   And what we accomplished, we accomplished as a team. All thanks to God." So states Sen. Milkovich.


The Legislation authored and introduced by Sen. Milkovich, and Legislative stands taken from 2016 through 2019, include:


Defending the Unborn:  


Introduced one of the strongest Pro Life measures in the United States in 2019, the Fetal Heart Beat Bill, which makes it illegal to abort unborn babies if a fetal heart beat is medically detected.  (SB 184, 2019)


Introduced one of the toughest anti-abortion laws in America in 2018, a ban on abortions 15 weeks after Gestation. (SB 181, 2018)


Penalties on Abortion Clinics that destroy Patient records and cover up abortions on minors, sex trafficking and injuries to female patients. (SB 325, 2018) 


Made it a crime to coerce abortions.  (SB 535, 2018) 


Ban on Planned Parenthood's practice of cutting up aborted babies for sale.  (SB 128, 2017)  


Supported Ban on Genetic Abortions on Senate Floor.  (HB 1019, 2016)  


Supported Right of State employees to invest deferred compensation in companies that do not support abortion. (3-20-17 Letter to Attorney General)


Budget Reforms


SB 245 2016 would have required Local Tax Elections on Major Election dates, to increase Voter Participation in Tax Votes.


SB 407 2016 required State to post Contracts with Vendors on Public Website. 


SCR 48 2017 requires State Agencies to Publicly Post its use of free State buildings, as opposed to rental of private properties, to increase use of free State buildings and promote savings in State Government.


SCR 88 2017 would have required Study of Cost Savings from consolidating Programs in Higher Ed. 


SR 119 2017 commended Deferred Compensation Board for publicly posting Plan's Performance. 


SR 123 2017 requested State Retirement Systems to Post Fees paid to Investment Managers. 


Voted against Jan. 2018 Interim Request to Transfer $15.5M from Habitat  acquisition to Office Buildings.


Proposed Targeted Budget Cuts: Cutting Wasteful or Unnecessary Spending without endangering Education, Roads, State Police, Corrections or Medical Care


Proposed Budget Cuts in 2017: Amendments to HB 1. Proposed Savings $40M.


Proposed Budget Cuts in 2018 Regular Session: Amendments to HB 1. Proposed Savings Over $250M


Proposed Budget Cuts in 2018 2nd Special Session:  Amendments to HB 1, Projected Savings Over $320M


Voted Against Budgets that arguably contained unnecessary spending:


2017 1st Special Session.

2017 Regular Session.

2017 2nd Special Session. 

2018 2nd  Special Session.

2019 Regular Session (twice).


Voted Against all Sales Taxes in 2018  & Against Sales Tax on Installations. 


Voted Against HB 27 & Amendments to HB 27 which would have increased Sales Tax, and imposed a tax on the installation of movable items.  


Voted Against HB 12 & Amendments to HB 12 which would have increased Sales Tax.


Voted against HB 10, which did increase Sales Tax.


Voted Against Spending State's Savings Account (Rainy Day Fund)

Voted Against SCR 2, 2017 1st Special Session.


Savings in Office of Senate District 38: Has not Collected Rental Allowance or Utilities for District Office. Savings to State: Over $50K.


Education:  School Discipline & Safety, Teachers’ Rights, School Prayer & Protecting Our Values:


SB 128 2019;   SB 55 2018; SB 73 2017;   SB 330 2016  Would have Allowed Local School Districts to Opt Out of Common Core. 


SB 120 2019; SB 303 2018; SB 158 2017  Would have put teeth into the law protecting victims from bullying.


SB 301 2018, Teachers' Bill of Rights, Would have recognized Right of Teachers to protect themselves, remove violent students, return Discipline to our Schools. 


SB 298 2018 Would have Allowed School Staff with Military/Police Training to use firearms to protect students from Mass Shootings.


SB 253 2018 Would have Allowed Teachers, Staff to participate in School Prayer.


SB 302 2018 Would have Required the State Department of Education Superintendent to be Reconfirmed by Senate.


SB 308 2016 Would have Limited Amount of State Required Testing. 


SB 406 2016 Would have protected Community Schools (Pelican, La.).


Against SB 198 2016, and FOR School Choice


Opposed HB 402 2016, SB 85 2017, SB 297 2018, HB 1144 2016. Helped Defeat Introduction of Graphic Sexual Content to Students and Small Children.


Opposed HB 620 2019.  Opposed Lowering Standards for Teachers.  

We must address the Real Reasons teachers are leaving the System:  the Burgeoning Baton Rouge Bureaucracy of the DOE which disrespects teachers and their skills. 


Voted for SCR 3 2019, for Pay Raise for Teachers, Bus Drivers & Support Staff.  


Fighting for Louisiana Family Farms:


Introduced and helped pass SR 120 2017 Memorializing Congress to protect Domestic Beef Industry


Opposed SB 126  2017; Helped Defeat Excessive Regulations on Farmers


Introduced SB 244 2016, which would have Allowed Farmers to kill wild hogs on property without  permit at night during hunting season.


Battling Corrupt Boards, Protecting Licensed Professionals:


Fought for Due Process for Doctors & Dentists; Transparency, Fairness and Impartial Decisions in Board Proceedings for all Licensees; Hearings in Licensee’s District, rather than Baton Rouge. SB 187, 2019; SB 260 2018; SB 286 2018; SB 239 2016


Defending Citizens’ Constitutional Rights


Opposed SB 227 2016.  Opposed Forcing Louisiana Drivers to provide personal information to government "data banks" controlled by foreign corporations.


SB 242 2016, SB 72 2017, SB 56 2018, SB 118, 2019. Would have recognized Right of Citizens to Address Court in Legal Proceedings. 


SB 273 Enacted 6-1-18 Random Selection of Appellate Panels; Decisions on Appeals based on Proof, not Politics. 


SB 257 2018 Would have reduced Appeal Costs for Citizens.


SB 287 2018 Would have stopped excessive fines for Insurance Lapses.


SB 216 2018 Would have required Liability Insurers to pay vehicle owners a fair value for vehicles totaled by at-fault Drivers.


SB 180 2018 Would have made Insurers Liable for wrongfully denying Medical Treatment to  Injured Workers.


SB 241 Enacted 6-17-16  Protects Rights of Families of Crime Victims to Obtain Autopsy Records.   


HCR 87 2018. Supported 2nd Amendment Right of Citizens to defend themselves from Violent Criminals.


Crime & Public Safety:


Opposed HB 264 2018  Helped Defeat Release of  Murderers & violent criminals on grounds that they are "Primary Caretakers." 


Voted Against SB 220 2017 Against Reduced Sentencing for Heroin Traffickers. 


Voted Against SB 16 2017 Against Reducing Sentences of Juvenile Murderers to 25 years. 


Opposed SB 424 2016 Opposed making Juvenile Murderers eligible for  Parole after 25 Years. 


Voted for HB 116, 2017  Voted to Keep Parolees out of neighborhood of victims, where Parolee committed violent crimes against victim. 


Introduced SB 243 2016, SB 428 2018 Would have increased Jail Time for Violent Attacks. 


Opposed HB 899, 2018  Opposed Legal Immunity for bartenders who witness sexual assaults upon female patrons, and do nothing to protect victim.


Voted for SB 458 2018 to ban Medical Furloughs for First Degree Murder.


Voted Against HB 613 2019.  Voted against making it easier for thieves to pawn copper and aluminum stolen from air conditioning units.


Health Care with Dignity:


Introduced SB 531 & SB 532 2018 Would have protected Right of Seniors & Patients to live in their own homes.


Opposed SB 360 2016 Fought against deprivation of water to terminally ill. 


Opposed SB 446 2016  Fought to keep LSU Medical Center/University Health open.


Retirement System Transparency:


SR 119, SR 123 both adopted 5-24-17.  Commended/Requested Public Posting of performance of State Employees Deferred Compensation Fund & Teachers' Retirement Fund.


Standing up for Soldiers, Police & Firefighters:


SB 74 2017 Would have strengthened Due Process for Shreveport Police Officers.


Opposed SB 147 2017 & HB 360 2019 Opposed efforts to deny Due Process to members of National Guard


SR 136 Enacted 6-18-17 Advocated for Rights of Soldiers & Veterans to obtain  Service & Medical Records.


SB 533 2018 Would have allowed Firefighters 5 Year Drop.  


Road Work:


Highway 5: Requests for Officials & Citizens to testify, provide written comments; Oral Requests, Written Requests,  and/or Hearing Testimony to Gov., DOTD and/or Senate & House Transportation Committees, regarding  needed repairs. Jan. 2016, 1-26-16, 2-7-16, 2-15-16, March 2016, 12-2-16, 10-10-18, 10-17-18.


Written Request co-signed by Mayors of Keachi, Longstreet, Logansport. 10-28-16


Highway 5 from Keachi to Gloster 97% complete as of 11-17-17, at a cost of $1,848,648.   Highway 5 from Logansport to Longstreet 11% complete as of 4-11-18 at a cost of $815,392.


Highway 3276: Issued Public Notice to Citizens to attend 10-17-18 Joint Transportation Committee Hearing; Spoke at 10-17-18 Hearing concerning needed repairs.  10-10-18, 10-17-18 Contract for Mill, Base Stabilization & Overlay Scheduled to be let 11-13-19. 


Highway 84/Mainstreet Logansport: 3-17-16 Written Request to DOTD, Senate &  House Transportation Chairmen, to ensure quality construction of composite pavement overlay. State responded with explanation of Construction practices.


Daws Road: 8-26-16 Written Request to DOTD Secretary concerning danger of loose gravel.  Met on scene with Parish & State Highway Officials, local residents.  State removed excess gravel.


Exit from I-49 to Southern Loop: Wrote to DOTD about creating Stop Light on Southern Loop, that would prevent I-49 Southbound Traffic Exiting onto Southern Loop from backing up onto I-49.


Clear Lake Dam: Conferred with State DOTD & DeSoto Parish Police Jury to request Repair of Gates of Dam.


Highway 171: Spoke with and wrote to DOTD concerning need for Cross Over/Turn Lane on Highway 171 that Created Safe Access to Neighborhood and Daycare in Keithville.

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